Our Solutions

We offer manufacturing and assembly for various products. Thereby we do not only act as a supplier, we become the ideal production partner for smaller companies or start-ups. Netzwerk's services range from manufacturing, warehousing and quality inspection to consulting in production and assembly.

Our Strengths

In addition to premium quality, Netzwerk's strengths lie in its central location near Brescia in northern Italy, its partner network of suppliers, logistics companies and customers from various industries, and its state-of-the-art equipment. Netzwerk has an 900 m2 production hall with an 2,700 m2 warehouse for incoming and outgoing goods.

Why us

Decades of experience and expertise in the field of manufacturing and assembly, eventually led to the idea of offering its own capabilities as a service to other companies.
Through our history, we are adept at handling various materials, components and regulations in multiple sectors, such as healthcare and hospitality.